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17 February, 2021

The company of Senaki City Council member wins tenders

 A member of Senaki City Council - Dato Adamia and his company - Dagi LTD won 87 tenders since 2011. The company also won 80 simplified procurements. The total value of the contracts summed up to GEL 6,779,143.

03 February, 2021

Suspicious tenders of Kobuleti, Poti, and Terjola municipalities with Georgian Stone LLC

  The company - Georgian Stone LLC owned by the former head of Architecture Service of Kobuleti municipality - Badri Romanadze, continues to receive large profits from the procurements of Kobuleti municipality. 58% (GEL 5,837,734) of the income received from electronic tenders won by the company in 2020 come from the contracts awarded by Kobuleti City Hall.