Transparency International Georgia Strategy and Theory of Change | Charter

26 January, 2010

Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) is a national chapter of the global anti-corruption movement, Transparency International. Our vision is to make Georgia a country which is free of corruption in all parts of society. A country where people are involved in the policy-making process. We aim to make Georgia a place where transparency and openness in government and the private sector are the rules rather than an exception. This includes supporting an engaged citizenry and a vibrant and fair democratic environment.

To achieve this, we have undertaken a mission to support building and empowering state institutions, develop good governance and the rule of law and ensure the transparency and direct accountability of the state institutions.

Our strategy has been written to provide a framework for TI Georgia’s actions in 2016-2020. It is TI Georgia’s second strategy document. The first was the 2011-2015 Strategic Plan. This strategy reflects the changes that have taken place in Georgia, as well as the impact our team has made in Georgia so far. The strategy clearly articulates TI Georgia’s guiding principles and the link between our mission and areas of activity. It is thus a reference for future decision making, project planning, and implementation.

The strategy builds on the vast experience that TI Georgia has in mitigating risks and dealing with pressure. It provides an overview of the major lessons that we have learned during earlier periods of work. Thus, strategic planning ensures continuity of our work: it both helps us learn from the past and ensures sustainability of our priorities in the future.

The strategy was developed as a result of the internal and external consultation. TI Georgia program staff participated in a series of workshops to develop the Theory of Change which guides this document. The TI Georgia Board also provided vital guidance, for which we would like to thank them.