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Live Blog: Election Violations and Responses

22 October, 2021

Last Update: 22.10.2021October 1314 MPs from the parliamentary majority addressed the Parliament with a legislative initiative, which envisages a ban on outdoor and TV advertisements that promote a “negative disposition” towards a political subject.T

Promised and Delayed Projects in Kutaisi

23 September, 2021

 Transparency International Georgia, based on open data and public information, has collected large infrastructure projects to be implemented in Kutaisi as promised by politicians. These projects had been announced for years and public presentat

How a City Council works: Problems and Recommendations

15 September, 2021

 Transparency International Georgia has twice evaluated the performance of the 2017 convocation of city councils in Batumi, Zugdidi, Poti, Kutaisi and Akhaltsikhe. These studies have shown that the problems identified in all the aforementioned C