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21 March, 2024

By refusing to check the integrity of the judicial clan, the government is hindering the process of European integration

The European Commission report of November 8, 2023 states that to ensure a truly independent and impartial judiciary in Georgia, the national government, along with fulfilling other conditions, should set up a temporary mechanism for integrity checking. Members of the High Council of Justice, judges of the Supreme Court, court chairpersons, and candidates seeking appointment to these positions should undergo integrity checks. 

18 March, 2024

We call on the authority to stop the campaign of discrediting judges with a dissenting opinion

After granting the candidate status to Georgia, The European Commission defined the implementation of judicial system reform as one of the preconditions. Among them, it indicated that a system of extraordinary integrity checks should be established for candidates and persons currently appointed to all leading positions in the judiciary, in particular the High Council of Justice, the Supreme Court and court presidents.

16 March, 2024

Coalition: The Government Should Stop Attacking Individual Judges

The Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary shares concerns regarding recent statements from members of the "Georgian Dream" party. These remarks, which seek to discredit judges holding differing opinions, have a concerning impact on the freedom of expression of judges. Such rhetoric not only undermines judicial independence but also jeopardizes the country's path toward a European future.

14 March, 2024

9 steps Georgia is expected to take to advance to the stage of negotiations with the EU: Justice System Reform

Justice reform is a vital prerequisite for Georgia's democratic progress and integration with the European Union. Recent statements from top officials suggest a reluctance within the Georgian government to implement crucial recommendations from the European Commission. Non-compliance with these recommendations can impede Georgia's integration into the EU, posing a substantial threat to the country's membership prospects.