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20 May, 2022

The Coalition Reacts to the Court Decision on Nika Gvaramia’s Case

The Coalition for Independent and Transparent Judiciary would like to comment on the guilty verdict delivered against Mr Nika Gvaramia, director of Mtavari TV. The ruling represents another concerning example of pressure exerted on critical media organizations, raising questions regarding the legitimacy of the ruling and showing signs of selective and politicized justice.

18 May, 2022

Who is the Presiding Judge on the Nika Gvaramia Case?

On May 16, Tbilisi City Court Judge Lasha Chkhikvadze sentenced Nika Gvaramia, General Director of the Mtavari TV Channel, to three years and six months imprisonment for abuse of power while managing TV Channel Rustavi 2.

02 May, 2022

Who the amnesty applies to?

A bill on amnesty passed its third reading and was adopted by the parliament on 12 April. It comes into force on 2 May.To fairly compensate for the restrictions imposed on inmates by the state as part of Covid-19 containment measures, persons convicted of a number of crimes specified in the Criminal Code will be granted, on the basis of amnesty, commutation of sentence.

29 April, 2022

Joint Statement by NGOs on the Release of Alleged Audio Recording

On April 25, the YouTube channel "Cyber Kmara" revealed another audio recording of an alleged conversation between Bidzina Ivanishvili and Russian businessman Vladimir Evtushenkov. The latter is on the list of Russian oligarchs sanctioned by the United Kingdom and Australia in response to Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the subsequent outbreak of war.

29 April, 2022

The third President of Georgia must be provided proper medical treatment

We, the signatory organizations, respond to the ongoing events associated with the deteriorating health of the imprisoned third president of Georgia, Mikheil Saakashvili. We believe that an urgent decision must be made to ensure proper treatment for him, including the provision of medical care abroad.