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10 March, 2023

Who initiated the Russian Foreign Agents’ Laws

The foreign agent’s draft laws were initiated by 9 Members of the parliamentary Majority who call themselves ‘People’s Power’. The group appeared in August 2022 and to this day is registered neither as a separate political party nor a separate faction in the Parliament.

09 March, 2023

Joint Statement of Civil Society Organizations

We express our gratitude to the young people, women, workers, scientists, teachers, doctors, cultural and sports figures, winemakers, entrepreneurs, farmers, and all those who stand on the right side of history and express their will in the face of government oppression and violence!

08 March, 2023

Police Used Illegal and Disproportionate Force against the Peaceful Civil Protest

On March 7-8, 2023, the police used illegal and disproportionate force against peaceful civil protesters. Mass arrests were made, and according to information from the Ministry of Internal Affairs, 66 individuals were administratively detained. In some cases, physical harm was inflicted, and instances of inhuman/degrading treatment have also been identified.