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27 July, 2023

Evaluation of Performance of the City Council of Kutaisi in 2022

Transparency International Georgia has evaluated the performance of the City Council of the Kutaisi Municipality (hereinafter the City Council of Kutaisi) in 2022. The report is based on the information requested from the City Council and that posted on the City Council’s official website, as well as on the observations of our organization. The study covers the period between November 2021 and December 2022.

10 July, 2023

Civil society organizations respond to the events that took place on July 8, 2023

It is alarming that the Ministry of Internal Affairs still continues its tolerant policy towards hate groups. Instead of fulfilling their constitutional obligations to provide preventive and crime-response measures to protect public safety, it allows them to interfere with the freedom of assembly and expression of others, to spread unhindered calls for violence, and to carry out such actions.

27 June, 2023

Georgia is the sole country to decline participation in the OECD/ACN's 5th Monitoring Round

For the first time in 20 years, the Government of Georgia opted out of participating in the monitoring round of the OECD's Anti-Corruption Network for Eastern Europe and Central Asia (OECD/ACN). Georgia is the only country that did not endorse the monitoring, unlike Ukraine, Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and Mongolia.

01 June, 2023

Civil society responds to the statement made by the Prime Minister of Georgia

Civil society organizations condemn the statement made by the Prime Minister of Georgia, Irakli Gharibashvili, at GLOBSEC’s 2023 Bratislava Forum on May 30. The statement reiterates the position of the Kremlin and considers the desire of Ukraine to join NATO to be the reason for Russia’s unjust invasion of Ukraine.

10 May, 2023

The Ruling Party tailors the CEC composition rule to its partisan interests

On May 8, 2023, the parliamentary majority submitted a draft law to the parliamentary bureau, proposing the amendment to the Central Election Commission’s (CEC) composition rule. If adopted, the authority to select and nominate candidates for the position of chairperson and professional members of the CEC will be moved from the President to the Chairperson of the Parliament.

19 April, 2023

"Georgian Dream" Continues to Protect the Interests of the Clan

The "Georgian Dream" deliberately prevented the creation of a temporary investigative commission in the Parliament twice, which was supposed to study corruption and other violations in the judicial system. On April 18, fifty opposition MPs registered for the session. This was enough to create a commission. However, the "Georgian Dream" deputies did not register for voting, so a quorum (76 MPs) was not formed.

11 April, 2023

Civil Society’s address to the government of Georgia

Last month, we, the citizens of Georgia, once again reaffirmed our loyalty to European values and unwavering commitment to the path leading to EU membership. Through widespread public consolidation around EU membership as a national goal, we have shown that the people of Georgia deserve candidate status.