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Questions Over Mushtaidi Park Management Rights

26 October, 2012

As we wrote last year, the Property Management Agency of the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office rejected TI Georgia’s request to provide a copy of the contract that had been signed between the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office and the Geo Gold company and whereby the latte

Here’s what’s next

10 October, 2012

Like almost everyone in Georgia, we have a lot of questions about what will happen over the next few months as power transfers to the Georgian Dream. We can’t predict the future, of course, but we decided to do some research to answer some of our own

Parliamentary Elections -- Liveblog

01 October, 2012

Watch this page for the latest updates from our mission observing Georgia's 2012 Parliamentary Elections. We'll post the latest updates at the top of this page. Oct 2, 16:00: President Mikheil Saakahsvili has conceded the defeat of this ruling Unite

Pre-Election Violations

17 September, 2012

 Transparency International Georgia is carrying out monitoring of pre-election processes. There are some evidences revealing different kinds of violations of the election code during the pre-election period (from August 1). The relevant governme

Why has the website been abolished?

17 September, 2012

 On 30th August 2012, Transparency International Georgia disclosed the fact that some of the ruling party’s promotion videos had been placed on the website of the governmental program ‘More Benefit to People’, This action is a

Who initiates the most laws in Parliament

06 September, 2012

In cooperation with the Parliament of Georgia Apparatus and within the framework of our parliamentary monitoring project, TI Georgia started tracking initiated draft laws and attending committee sittings in 2012. This is the first post in a three-par