NGOs’ statement on ongoing events in Tetritskaro Electoral District - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

NGOs’ statement on ongoing events in Tetritskaro Electoral District

14 October, 2017

In Tetritskaro electoral district all candidates (both Mayoral and city council) of election subject Bakradze, Ugulava - European Georgia officially withdrew their nominations leading to nullification of entire party list. The candidates said that they were planning to go abroad to study or work, therefore, could not take part in the elections. Unexpected and group decision of the candidates of European Georgia to withdraw from elections creates suspicion about honesty of the reasoning behind the withdrawals.

There was no explanation prior to withdrawal, except that the candidates were planning to go abroad to work and study. In addition, one of the representatives of this party stated that only the election administration notified them about this fact and not the candidates by themselves.

According to European Georgia, their candidates have been approached and sometimes intimidated in other electoral districts as well in order to withdraw their nominations. Moreover, other parties also reported certain cases of intimidation and forced withdrawal of candidacies in Aspindza and Dmanisi.

Such facts are unacceptable and, if confirmed, would harm peaceful, equal, free and fair election environment. Furthermore, as the information contains signs of criminal offense, the investigation of these cases should be started.


Transparency International Georgia

Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association

International Society for Fair Elections and Democracy

Civil Movement Multinational Georgia

Civil Development Agency