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June 21, 2013 developments in the Samtredia Sakrebulo

28 June, 2013

On June 21, the Samtredia Municipality Sakrebulo has elected Emzar Shubladze as Chairman with 20 votes against 5. Transparency International Georgia observed this process. Snap elections became necessary after the Chairman of the Sakrebulo Emzar Jvar

Obstacles to civic participation in Zugdidi

18 June, 2013

The Zugdidi Sakrebulo Publicising information concerning sittings Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) noted in its blog-post, released on 12 April 2013, that the majority of Sakrebulos in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti release information c

Voluntary gifts or state robbery? The years 2008-2012

08 May, 2013

In a previous blog post published on April 22, Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) talked about the property donated to the state for a token price by private and legal persons in the years 2004-2007. In that period, the total value of th

Fancy cars for Zugdidi Municipality

07 May, 2013

A staggering GEL 687,170 was spent by the Zugdidi municipality on 12 cars between 5 January 2011 and 10 September 2012. In this period they bought nine Toyota Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV); two Hyundai SUVs; and one a Mitsubishi Pajero IO. The most ex