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Firearms are used to kill street dogs in Zugdidi

03 April, 2013

  Employees of the "Zugdidi Cleaning" used firearms to kill several street dogs on March 30 in Zugdidi. The incident was eye-witnessed by citizens, one of whom has provided mobile photos to the Zugdidi Office of Transparency International Georg

Who counts the trees to be cut down in Tbilisi and how

01 April, 2013

  The studies of Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) and the organization "Safe Space" demonstrate that the situation in the capital's greening sector requires the urgent attention of the local and central authorities, as well as th

Zugdidi Municipality's questionable priorities

29 March, 2013

The formation [1] process of a local self-government unit's budget starts on the first of March every year and ends with its approval in the New Year. The executive body (Gamgeoba/City Hall) of a local self-government unit is responsible for develop

Rcheulishvilis Regain the Property of Center Point Group

11 March, 2013

Last year Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) sent to the Chief Prosecutor’s Office all the materials from its report (published on 10 December 2012) that dealt with the scandal surrounding the construction projects administered by the Ce