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Statement about Natia Kapanadze's Impeachment

22 April, 2019

 We negatively assess the decision of Council of Advisors of the Ajara TV and Radio of a Public Broadcaster to dismiss TV Director Natia Kapanadze prematurely. It is regrettable that the Council of Advisors shared the controversial arguments rai

Corruption Remains Significant Challenge in Georgia

15 April, 2019

 Abuse of power for personal gain is common among Georgia’s public officials, while the authorities do not react to such cases effectively. Meanwhile, petty corruption is still extremely rare.This is what we learned from the public opinion

What do citizens demand from local municipalities?

13 April, 2019

 About a quarter of the citizens surveyed think that the mayors and municipal councils (Sakrebulos) elected in 2017 do not express citizens’ interests.The survey of 2,087 respondents was commissioned by TI Georgia and conducted by the Cauc

Who Owns Georgia’s Media

12 April, 2019

 Transparency International Georgia has conducted research aimed to reveal the ownership issues of some of the influential TV broadcasters in the country. The study mostly covers the period since 2014. The above-mentioned study has established t