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05 August, 2020

Overview of the Broadcasting Advertising Market in 2019

Transparency International Georgia is traditionally looking at the advertising market and examining the state of the television and radio market in 2019. The report also reviews the conditions, challenges and expectations for the first quarter of the 2020 advertising market under the new coronavirus.

04 August, 2020

Evaluation of Performance of the City Council of Poti

 Transparency International Georgia has evaluated the performance of the representative body of the Municipality of the City of Poti which was elected in 2017 – the City Council (hereinafter the City Council of Poti).

14 July, 2020

Managing the Challenges of COVID-19 Government Actions Evaluation Report

 The government actions prevented a large-scale spread of the novel coronavirus in the country. It would not be justified to say that the government managed to achieve these results at the expense of massive violations of human rights, however, the process was marred by certain shortcomings.