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Tbilisi City Hall Makes Some Public Information Secret

18 November, 2010

Even resorting to a lawsuit brought no results for Transparency International Georgia in our year-long effort to obtain public information from Tbilisi City Hall on its expenditures for its office renovation. As a result, a pilot program, which was a

High-level corruption in Guria

08 November, 2010

One issue that we have been following recently is a case of alleged fraud by high government officials in Guria, who are accused of gaining personal enrichment from a program designed to grant land to farmers. The newspaper Guria News has been invest

Government data: Visibility is not usability

01 November, 2010

Update, 21 December 2010: The CSB has fixed the linking issue which I described in this post--that is excellent, and I hope they will keep working to improve the site. Original post: Putting data online is the hot new trend in transparency for govern