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IDP evictions – explaining the real issues

20 January, 2011

The current evictions of IDPs in Tbilisi have dominated recent news, with ongoing protests and some opposition parties taking up the cause célèbre. The public perception is that the evictions are fundamentally unfair, yet most of the information avai

Zero Tolerance and (near) Zero Acquittal

30 November, 2010

You don't want to mess around in Georgia. If arrested and prosecuted for a criminal offense, you only stand a 0.1% chance of being acquitted. In 2006 President Saakashvili called for “zero tolerance” of crime, and Supreme Court statistics show that t

Tbilisi City Hall Makes Some Public Information Secret

18 November, 2010

Even resorting to a lawsuit brought no results for Transparency International Georgia in our year-long effort to obtain public information from Tbilisi City Hall on its expenditures for its office renovation. As a result, a pilot program, which was a

High-level corruption in Guria

08 November, 2010

One issue that we have been following recently is a case of alleged fraud by high government officials in Guria, who are accused of gaining personal enrichment from a program designed to grant land to farmers. The newspaper Guria News has been invest