Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia addresses political parties participating in elections on 8 October 2016

20 September, 2016


On 8 October, the population of Georgia will elect Parliament of the Ninth Convocation. Despite the fact that, compared to other elections, it is clear that political parties are paying more attention to their election programmes, we would like to know more about their specific and comprehensive vision with regard to many issues. Most importantly, as a result of these elections, a party that will secure the parliamentary majority, will have the powers to form the government. This is precisely why we believe that the public would be interested in learning in advance who would be the persons in charge of specific directions – potential ministerial candidates – of the parties participating in the elections should they be the one to form the government.

This is exactly why the Coalition for Euro-Atlantic Georgia calls on political parties to inform the public about at least six likely leading ministerial candidates or their "potential cabinet" in the event they gain the majority of seats in Parliament. Despite achieving a significant progress (the Association Agreement, the fulfilment of the requirements with regard to visa-free movement), rapid and effective steps must be taken in the direction of the country's Euro-Atlantic integration, the country's defence capabilities need to be increased, the continuation of the judicial reform is still topical despite a range of significant reforms, and rapid economic development remains a serious challenge facing the country; we believe that, due to this, it is important that the political parties name, first and foremost, the following ministers: minister of justice, minister of internal affairs, minister of foreign affairs, minister of defence, minister of finance and minister of economy.

It is our opinion that any political party should think in advance about whom it will entrust with these important directions. This information will help voters make an informed decision on the Election Day.