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Municipality head orders civil servants to campaign

28 May, 2012

The acting head of the Ozurgeti municipality (Guria region), Ilia Vashakmadze, has ordered his staff to sign up friends and relatives as supporters of the ruling United National Movement party, TV9 reported on May 24th (full version of audio recordin

Sheep and 20 liters of wine to Rustavi voters

03 May, 2012

Tamaz Gvelukashvili, a member of Rustavi City Council from United National Movement, has sent sheep and wine to several city districts for Easter, which from the legal point of view can be considered as bribing of voters. This fact was confirmed

How social is social health insurance?

26 April, 2012

Social health insurance is one of the means to create more accessible health care, which is one of the main priorities of Georgia’s National Health Care Strategy 2011-2015, issued by the Ministry of Labour, Health and Social Affairs. As a result of t

Expensive Trees for Baratashvili Street

24 April, 2012

Update 10.05.2012: The City Hall has said that will cancel the contracts signed with Greenservice and will send the case to the law enforcement agencies for further examination. Residents of Tbilisi have probably noticed that cypress trees have been

Who has bought property for GEL 1 in Adjara

19 April, 2012

Updated 16 May, 2012 There are cases in Georgia when government assets are privatized via a “direct sale” method: the property is sold to a specific buyer, for a symbolic sum (often just GEL 1), in return for commitments by the purchaser to carry ou