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Georgia's not so Freedom Charter

12 July, 2011

Throughout much of Eastern Europe, lustration laws have been enacted to strengthen national security and prevent ex-Soviet operatives and informants from holding public posts. The Georgian Parliament has recently followed the trend, drafting and pass

Referendum or not?

30 June, 2011

The recent agreement between the ruling party and several opposition parties on election system changes includes, among other things, raising the number of MPs from the current 150 to 190. This would of course require constitutional changes which the

Proposals for Georgian electoral reform, explained

01 June, 2011

Numerous proposals to reform the electoral system in Georgia are circulating. The final structure of that reform will be a key part of this emerging Democracy's future success. We firmly believe that citizens should understand the details of this deb

Income Declarations Scrape

16 May, 2011

Several months ago, we published a blog post criticizing the Civil Service Bureau’s (CSB) income declarations website, , for not making its data available in a usable format. Although the CSB responded to some of our criticisms,

Victims of pyramid scheme protest outside Parliament

11 May, 2011

Around 300 people who suffered serious financial losses after investing money to have a flat built by construction company Center Point Group, held a manifestation in front of the Parliament building on April 28th, 2011. The protesters demanded the l