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New approach to Charity in Adjara

25 October, 2011

By the decision of Adjara’s authorities numerous homeless people, including the elderly, single mothers, and ill people were forced to leave the only charity house in the region.The Batumi Charity House had been managed by the charitable fund of St.

Coerced into cheering Nicolas Sarkozy

21 October, 2011

What would you do if you wanted to see or cheer for a prominent political leader, like Nicolas Sarkozy, the French president? If that leader is giving a public speech, you would simply go there, right? But what if you were ordered by your superior to

Six Questions: Georgia shouldn’t rest on its laurels

20 October, 2011

A recent report from the Centre for Law and Democracy and other international organizations called “Ask Your Government! The 6 Question Campaign” ranks Georgia second in the world for support of the right to information in practice. In fact, despite