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Public opinion on the universal healthcare program

29 October, 2015

  The two main findings about healthcare from the Transparency International Georgia 2015 public opinion poll [1] are that: 1. A minimum of 1.5 million adult, Georgian citizens are ready to share the financial burden of their hea

IDP living conditions in Samegrelo collective centers

26 October, 2015

  In early 1990s, a large portion of the internally displaced persons (IDPs) from Abkhazia and South Ossetia had been resettled in collective centers throughout the rest of the country. Some of these collective centers have since been either

Pressure on regional media

20 October, 2015

  Over the past two years there have been over 15 cases of pressure on regional media by both the central and local government. Transparency International Georgia has always expressed its position where information on cases of pressure could

Trust in police declines, grows towards president

16 October, 2015

  As part of the public opinion poll conducted in the spring of 2015, Transparency International Georgia measured public trust in various institutions in the country. According to the poll, the trust is declining in six out of 10 instituti