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Social advertising in the service of the ruling party

03 August, 2012

A detailed study of social ads aired during recent months on the Public Broadcaster demonstrates that many video broadcasts under this status do not meet the legislative criteria laid down for social advertisements. Furthermore, a majority of them, a

Pre-election Feast for the Kakheti electorate

02 August, 2012

According to the Information Centre of Kakheti, on July 31st the political union Christian-Democratic Movement set a tableful of meals for the electorate during a pre-election meeting in Gurjaani. We believe that such conduct may be considered vote b

Georgian Diplomacy servicing the ruling party

27 July, 2012

According to earlier obtained information, the Georgian Embassy in the United States has been sending political e-mails to people interested in our country, including influential American scholars and researchers. By doing so, the Embassy is trying t

Local Authorities’ Involvement in Party Campaigning

26 July, 2012

Recently, political parties' campaigns have taken place in tense circumstances. Confrontations during meetings with the residents of the regions are particularly alarming and, in some cases, are accompanied by verbal and physical abuses. The situatio

Georgia to face a shortage of satellite antennas?

20 July, 2012

A few satellite dishes can be spotted at several small electric stores when entering the Lilo Basroba, Georgia’s largest wholesale market, located beyond the Eastern outskirts of Tbilisi. In recent days, rumors in the capital have been circulating th

Politicized youth camps

16 July, 2012

Starting in 2005, the government of Georgia established the youth program Patriot, an annual program involving students of different ages. The implementation of this program and the selection process of the participants depend heavily on political co

New Party Assignments in Gurjaani

11 July, 2012

According to our information, the Governor of the Kakheti region has given instructions to members of the Gurjaani Sakrebulo and village trustees to mobilize prominent and authoritative people who are by birth from Gurjaani. They have been directed,

Party assignments to public officials

09 July, 2012

According to information provided by a number of employees of certain government bodies (Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection, Ministry of Finance), high officials have given employees the task of making a list of supporters of the ruling part

Tbilisi’s new petition website a positive step

06 July, 2012

On July 4, the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office launched (My Tbilisi), a website where Tbilisi residents can create petitions to request action by city authorities. Petitions are assigned an expiration date and a threshold number of signatures