Websites of Mestia and Tsalenjikha Municipalities fail to comply with standards of transparencyWebsites of Mestia and Tsalenjikha Municipalities fail to comply with standards of transparency

02 February, 2018

Transparency International Georgia continues to study the prevailing practice of proactively disclosure of public information by municipalities. This time, we present the results for Mestia and Tsalenjikha Municipalities whose websites fail to comply with the standards of transparency.

According to the General Administrative Code, public institutions were obliged to pass/issue by 1 September 2013 normative acts regulating proactive disclosure of public information.


In case of Mestia and Tsalenjikha Municipalities:

  • Mestia and Tsalenjikha Municipalities have passed resolutions on proactive disclosure of public information but the resolutions do not comply with the provisions of the Government Resolution No 219;

  • The resolutions passed by both Mestia and Tsalenjikha City Councils do not contain a comprehensive list describing information subject to proactive disclosure;

  • In case of Mestia, the resolution envisages disclosure of only nine types of information, in case of Tsalenjikha – 27 types, while the resolutions passed by other municipalities of the region list 50 various types of such information;

  • It should also be noted that both Mestia and Tsalenjikha Municipalities do not fully disclose the information envisaged for disclosure by their resolutions.


See detailed information in tables below


Mestia Municipality:

Tsalenjikha Municipality:

Transparency International Georgia calls on Mestia and Tsalenjikha Municipalities to amend the corresponding resolutions, bring them in compliance with the Resolution No 219 of the Government of Georgia, and ensure that information is uploaded to the official websites in full.


The publication was prepared with the financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foriegn Affairs