The uncle of the Ninotsminda City Council’s high-ranking official and the donor of Georgian Dream secured up to 3 million GEL in public procurement - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

The uncle of the Ninotsminda City Council’s high-ranking official and the donor of Georgian Dream secured up to 3 million GEL in public procurement

28 November, 2023

Razmik Ghumashyan, the uncle of the deputy chairman of the "Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia" faction in the Ninotsminda City Council, and the donor of the Georgian Dream, in 2013-2023, received 2,840,710 GEL from the purchases of Ninotsminda City Hall. A substantial portion of this amount, specifically 1,759,795 GEL (accounting for 61.9% of the total received), was obtained without competition, through disqualifying other participants in the tenders and via direct purchases. For more than ten years, Ghumashyan was the director of the gas company belonging to the family of Enzel Mkoyan, the former Georgian Dream majoritarian MP of Akhalkalaki-Ninotsminda in the parliament.

Razmik Ghumashyan is the brother of Garush Arzumanyan’s mother, who serves as the deputy chairman of the "Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia '' faction at the Ninotsminda City Council. From 2012 to 2021, he served as the director of the "S G Gas Company," a family-owned business associated with Enzel Mkoyan[1], the Georgian Dream majoritarian MP from Akhalkalaki-Ninotsminda in the parliament. Following Enzel Mkoyan's independent candidacy in the 2020 parliamentary elections and an investigation by the Ministry of Finance into "S G Gas Company," Razmik Ghumashyan departed from the former MP’s family business. In August 2021, he donated 5,000 GEL to the "Georgian Dream" party's account.

Ghumashian obtained government contracts only from the Ninotsminda municipality City Hall, with the exception of a single direct procurement for the village Didi Aragiali public school in Ninotsminda in 2014, amounting to 1,950 GEL.

Over the past 10 years, Razmik Ghumashian was awarded a total of 35 government contracts for projects involving the construction and renovation of 49 sports and playgrounds in the Ninotsminda municipality, along with tasks related to water and gas infrastructure installation. Between 2013 and 2015, a sum of 102,948 GEL was accumulated through 13 direct procurements. From 2015 to 2023, contracts totaling 2,737,762 GEL were secured through winning 22 tenders. Of these, 15 tenders were won without competition and the disqualification of other bidders, amounting to 1,656,847 GEL (equivalent to 60.5% of the total).

It's important to highlight that Razmik Ghumashyan obtained 1,085,100 GEL from the Ninotsminda City Hall, which constitutes 38.1% of the total amount received over the past decade. This funding has been acquired from October 2021 to the present, coinciding with the entry of his sister's son into the Ninotsminda City Council as a member of the "Georgian Dream" party. During this period, Ghumasyan was awarded contracts in the Ninotsminda City Hall, securing victories in 6 out of 7 tenders. Remarkably, these victories came without competition and through the disqualification of other bidders, resulting in a total sum of 801,304 GEL (representing 73.8% of the funds received during this period).

State purchases of  Razmik Ghumashyan in 2013-2023

It's worth mentioning that Razmik Ghumashyan was awarded a contract in 2019 to construct the Ninotsminda market through a tender valued at 163,834 GEL. Surprisingly, the market has remained closed for the past five years, with no utilization by anyone up to the present time.

Transparency International - Georgia calls on the anti-corruption agency of the State Security Service and the General Prosecutor's Office to study the state procurements of Razmik Ghumashyan and Ninotsminda Municipality City Hall and determine whether any potential corrupt practices were involved in these transactions.


[1] Transparency International Georgia reported on the alleged corrupt purchases of Enzel Mkoyan in January 2020.