16 August, 2019

Georgia’s stalling anti-corruption reforms: unfulfilled recommendations of the Istanbul Action Plan

 As of 2019, the Government of Georgia has not fulfilled a number of important anti-corruption recommendations which concern such issues as anti-corruption policy planning, enforcement of anti-corruption laws, independence of civil servants, judicial reform and reform of the law enforcement agencies, freedom of information and prevention of corruption in the public procurement process.

16 July, 2019

Companies of Akhaltsikhe Mayor Win Tenders in Akhaltsikhe

After the election of Zaza Melikidze first as Akhaltsikhe Governor and then the Mayor the amounts earned by Melikidze's current and former companies through public procurements increased from 124 793 GEL to 546 044 GEL, amongst them the companies received 524 902 GEL from Akhaltsikhe Municipality.

07 December, 2018

Entrepreneurial activity of members of the Georgian government

 According to asset declarations of public officials and the data of the Public Registry, the families of 18 members of the Georgian government (ministers and deputy ministers) are connected with entrepreneurial activity. They own stakes or hold director’s positions in 47 different companies.