Transparency International Georgia’s statement on the current election process (12:00 -16:00) - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Transparency International Georgia’s statement on the current election process (12:00 -16:00)

08 October, 2016

At this point, from our observation, we can say that the 2016 election is going peacefully. By this time, our observers have reported up to 70 insignificant and relatively serious violations. We have filed 9 complaints. Some of the serious violations after 12:00 are the following:


  • There was a fight in Zugdidi, district – 18, precinct – 65.67. This is the same district which was opened with 45 minutes delay because of the fact that necessary equipment for operating the polling station was not provided on time.
  • In Zugdidi, district -  31, precinct - 65.67 the commission did not count the number of issued ballots and demonstration act was not filled out.
  • There were number of Dusheti precinct majoritarian ballot papers in Lagodekhi, district 4, precinct 26.15.
  • In Sagarejo, district – 38, 44, and 48, precinct – 23.11, the polling process has important procedural delays. PEC members are distinguished by low qualifications and lack of knowledge of Georgian language, which complicates the situation at the polling stations.
  • In Ninotsminda, district - 2, precinct - 46.41 one of the observers forcefully took papers from one of the voters, voted and tried to put the ballot paper in the ballot box, however he failed.
  • In Kareli, district – 36, precinct - 40.33 as well as in Batumi, district - 8, precinct - 69.79 voter used more than one envelope for the ballot paper.
  • In Kareli, district – 23, precinct - 40.33 a member of the commission permitted one of the voters to vote without marking.


Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) has deployed 400 observers to monitor October 8 Parliamentary elections. Our static observers will cover 300 precincts throughout the country. In addition, 52 mobile groups are mobilized to observe the elections.
On election day TI Georgia will hold three press conferences at 12:30, 16:30 and 20:30 in order to present preliminary assessments of election day developments. Final assessments will be provided nn October 9 at 12:00. Additional statements will be made upon necessity.

Author: Transparency International Georgia