Protracted reorganization at the Georgian National Communications Commission - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Protracted reorganization at the Georgian National Communications Commission

25 August, 2016


In June 2015, the Georgian National Communications Commission (GNCC) launched a reorganization process on the basis of a conclusion made by the Parliamentary Commission, the need to harmonize regulations with the European Union and considering latest changes in its work practice. Even though the reorganization was supposed to end in September 2015, it is still ongoing.

The GNCC announced a tender on consulting services related to the reorganization and signed a fixed-term contract with Policy and Management Consulting Group (PMCG).

According to the GNCC 2015 report, PMCG was commissioned to:

  • Elaborate a new statute, structure and job descriptions for the GNCC based on its mission, goals and strategic development requirements.
  • Analyze the workload of GNCC staff and conduct organizational research.
  • Study the aptitude and expectations of GNCC employees and to assess organizational culture.
  • Provide legal counseling related to the reorganization process, including the analysis of employee certification and selection processes.
  • Develop a human resources management system.
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators for evaluating the efficiency of each structural unit, and to identify the main and target indicators.
  • Develop systems of performance evaluation, motivation and ranking of positions in GNCC structural units.
  • Analyze labor contracts and upgrade them if necessary.

After 14 weeks of work, on October 22, 2015, the consulting company presented a report on GNCC’s organizational analysis and a draft of its updated statute.

GNCC after 10 months of reorganization

In the 10 months since the launch of the reorganization the GNCC approved a new Statute (the document determines the new organizational structure and enters into force on December 30, 2016) and decided to take measures to evaluate the performance of GNCC central office employees.

In an interview with Transparency International Georgia, Tamar Bokuchava, GNCC reorganization consultant stated that approving the new statute took a few months because the positions of all stakeholders needed to be considered and included in the final document.

The GNCC still does not have a human resources management service and policy; employees do not have information about the promotion mechanism; and the organization does not have structural units responsible for carrying out some of its legal responsibilities. Lack of job descriptions and a ranking system for positions also remain a problem. According to Tamar Bokuchava, only one person is responsible for human resources management in the Administrative Department, who only takes care of technical documentation.

The performance evaluation process has also been drawn out and is largely being viewed by employees with suspicion. Performance evaluation has never been conducted prior to the reorganization. Therefore, a part of GNCC employees believes that the reorganization is aimed at getting rid of old employees and bringing in new ones.

On June 27, the GNCC announced a tender on certification of its employees. The tender was won by LEPL National Assessment and Examination Center, which will be responsible for creating and managing standardized tests on general and managerial skills for the GNCC. According to Bokuchava, standardized testing is the first stage of certification. “The second stage involves oral interviews, structured interviews, which will be conducted by the GNCC staff selection commission.”

Tamar Bokuchava also states that the payroll policy requires revision as well. For this purpose, GNCC plans to conduct a payroll survey, which in addition to the Commission will also include telecommunications companies. The survey will help GNCC determine adequate remuneration for various specialists.

Currently, payroll (including bonuses) is a large portion of the GNCC budget. In 2015, 80% (GEL 6,878,010) of the total budget of GEL 8,519,796 was spent on salaries and bonuses.

According to the GNCC, the reorganization process is to be completed by the end of 2016. The reorganization consultant told Transparency International Georgia that “the process has been slower than planned. However, it is being conducted properly. The GNCC is a collegial body, where decisions are made by 5 members. Commission members work on numerous other issues, which makes it difficult for them to meet to discuss the reorganization, further contributing to the postponement of deadlines.”


Author: TI Georgia