MP Zaal Dugladze is one of the largest beneficiaries of the State Agrocredit Program - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

MP Zaal Dugladze is one of the largest beneficiaries of the State Agrocredit Program

11 May, 2023

Four companies linked with a member of the Parliament of Georgia, Zaal Dugladze, have received a total of GEL 8,562,573 through the State Agrocredit Program in the years 2013-2022. Along with Zaal Dugladze, a brother of Bidzina Ivanishvili, Alexander Ivanishvili, has business interests in the companies.[1]

One of the beneficiaries of the preferential agro-credit program is Dugladze Wine Company LLC, which has benefited from the program more often than any other physical and legal persons – 45 times in total – and received GEL 4,335,895 as cheap financial resource.  

Dugladze Wine Company also owns Vartsikhe Brandy Factory LLC, which has received a total of GEL 83,086 through the agro-credit program. Dugladze Wine Company has several shareholders, including Bidzina Ivanishvili’s brother, Alexander Ivanishvili.

Another company with links to Zaal Dugladze is JSC Kotekhi - Winery of Gurjaani. The company has benefited from the program 29 times and received GEL 3,899,176. The Chairperson of the Supervisory Board of the company is Zaal Dugladze’ s brother, Davit Dugladze, while members include Zaal Dugladze’s spouse, Ekaterine Dugladze, and Bidzina Ivanishvili’s brother, Alexander Ivanishvili.  

Zaal Dugladze, together with his brother and Alexander Ivanishvili, also owns the Aisi Inc company, which received a preferential agro-credit from the state twice in the years 2019-2021 – GEL 244,416 in total.

According to BM.GE, JSC Kotekhi – Winery of Gurjaani and Dugladze Wine Company LLC are among the TOP-10 companies exporting wine to Russia.

TI Georgia has previously written about the participation of companies associated with Zaal Dugladze in state programs. The companies of Dugladze also benefited from the grape harvest subsidy program in 2021, receiving more than GEL 2 million in total.

The brothers Dugladze and Alexander Ivanishvili also donate actively to the Georgian Dream party. Zaal Dugladze has donated a total of GEL 115,000 to the party, Davit Dugladze has made a donation of GEL 162,000, and Alexander Ivanishvili has donated GEL 260,768.   


[1] After Zaal Dugladze became a member of the Parliament, he transferred the management rights of his stake in the companies to his brother, Davit Dugladze.