The Government of Adjara fails to publish public information in full

01 October, 2018


The Government of Adjara fails to properly fulfill the obligation to proactively publish information. In particular, the Office of the Government of Adjara, four ministries, and the same number of sub-agency institutions have failed to proactively publish information in full. 

The Ordinance of the Government of Adjara of October 10, 2013 makes agencies obliged to proactively publish 35 types of documents. The aim of our study was to ascertain whether or not the public information published proactively by agencies was in conformity with the requirements of the ordinance of the Government, both quantitatively and in content (in particular, whether or not the information was relevant, renewable, accessible, complete, and in line with the standards established by the ordinance).   

The study conducted by TI Georgia in August 2018 demonstrated that sub-agency organizations of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara published less public information than ministries in a proactive manner.

According to our study, the Division of Environment Protection and Natural Resources has fared the worst – it has only published one-fifth of the public information determined by the ordinance of the Government of Adjara of October 10, 2013, in full. The Ministry of Education, Culture, and Sports of Adjara had the best result during the study.   

After adopting the said ordinance, the Government of Adjara launched the unified Web portal of the Government, on which all interested citizens can familiarize themselves with the structure of administrative bodies and procurement plans and request public information in electronic form, as well as contact public institutions by phone. It turned out, however, that administrative bodies fail to fully comply with the established standard.

See detailed data on public information proactively published by administrative bodies comprising the Government of Adjara in the tables below:

The creation of the unified portal of the Government of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara was clearly a step forward in terms of enhancement of the quality of public relations and transparency, as well as access to services, although administrative bodies should do their best to ensure proactive publication of public information, which is provided for by the ordinance of the Government of Adjara.