Civil Service Bureau and State Procurement Agency improve their websites - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Civil Service Bureau and State Procurement Agency improve their websites

21 January, 2011

In the past several months, I’ve written blog posts criticizing two data websites: the Civil Service Bureau’s income declarations website,, and, developed by the State Procurement Agency. One of the problems I identified was that both websites made it difficult or impossible to link to the information they contain. I’m pleased to see that both websites have fixed this problem. now displays direct links on the bottom-right corner of every tender announcement, e.g., and on, links to individual income declarations now function properly. The Civil Service Bureau and the State Procurement Agency should both be commended for improving their websites in light of criticism. Although this particular problem was low-hanging fruit, i.e. easily fixed, I am encouraged by this demonstration that these agencies are working to continuously improve their websites, and I hope this is an indication that fixes for more difficult problems are coming. I encourage other agencies to follow the example set by these two and to incorporate feedback from civil society organizations such as TI Georgia and the Institute for Development of Freedom of Information into their own website development plans. I also want to thank the readers who commented on both posts, notifying me that the problems had been fixed.

Author: Derek Dohler