Case of alleged pressure in Zugdidi - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Case of alleged pressure in Zugdidi

04 November, 2016

Today, on October 29, TI Georgia has been contacted by Nana Mosidze, citizen of Georgia, who stated that she was being subjected to pressure by representatives of Georgian Dream, Rinozi Okujava and Koba Gordulava.  

According to Nana Mosidze, she is a micro-coordinator of the United National Movement on Tetri Giorgi Street in the city of Zugdidi, while representatives of Georgian Dream demand that she work for the benefit of Georgian Dream in the second round of the parliamentary elections, promising to pay her GEL 2,000 in return. Ms. Mosidze said that Rinozi Okujava had threatened her on several occasions and also abused her verbally.   

Such incidents in the pre-election period reflect negatively on the election environment, and timely and effective response by the State is crucial. Therefore, we call upon law enforcement agencies to take an interest in the said case, to ascertain whether the incident really took place, and provide a response envisaged by law.

Author: TI Georgia
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