A third of those surveyed think that local self-government bodies do not express their interests

28 May, 2018


One in every three citizens thinks that local self-government bodies do not express his/her interests. The survey that was commissioned by TI Georgia and conducted by the Caucasus Research Resource Centers (CRRC) in March 2018 has demonstrated that, in the opinion of 32% of those surveyed, mayors of cities do not express their interests, while in the case of city councils, this figure reaches 34%. Accordingly, only 26% of those surveyed agree with the statement that the mayor expresses their interests, while 22% of those surveyed agree with the same statement with regard to city councils.


The number of citizens who give a positive assessment to the activity of local municipalities has risen in comparison with the data of 2015 – at that time, only 11% of those surveyed said that the mayor/head of municipal administration expressed their interests, and only 8% were of the same opinion about the city council.



There is no significant difference in terms of assessment of the work of municipal services compared with the results of previous years. Similarly to the results of the 2016 survey, 41% of those surveyed are satisfied with the work of the public transport in municipalities. The number of those who are satisfied with green spaces in cities also remains the same – 51% say they are satisfied with parks and squares, while 46% express dissatisfaction.


According to the 2018 survey, citizens are most dissatisfied with the problem of homeless animals (56%), lack of parks and squares, and the quality of street infrastructure (46%-46%).