Transparency International Georgia launched a new website - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Transparency International Georgia launched a new website

05 September, 2016


Transparency International Georgia launched a new website to help Georgian citizens determine which political party they should side with in the upcoming 2016 parliamentary elections. By answering 36 public policy questions online, the website users will be able to find how their political positions match each political party. Before developing the website, we sent all thirty-six questions to political parties/their leaders and requested their official answers. The website includes answers from seven qualified1 political parties:

  • Democratic Movement - United Georgia

  • United National Movement

  • National Forum

  • Free Democrats

  • Industry Will Save Georgia

  • New Political Centre - Girchi

  • Republican Party of Georgia

Voters have the ability to fill out the identical questionnaire and find out which political party is closest to them from an ideological standpoint. After filling out the questionnaire, the site shows the matching percentage with political parties.

The matching percentage is calculated as following: if the user’s answers and the political party’s answer are identical, then there is a 100% match. If the answers are not identical but similar, then there is a 75% match. If the answers are cardinally different from each other, then there is a 0% match.

When all 36 questions are filled out, the matching percentage is calculated for the whole questionnaire and the matching percentage is given for all political parties.


1 The questionnaire was sent to 10 qualified parties and two newly-founded parties, New Political Centre - Girchi and State for People. The following parties refused to fill out the questionnaire: Labour Party of Georgia, Alliance of Patriots, State for People, Conservative Party of Georgia, the Georgian Dream - Democratic Georgia.