NGOs Appeal to the Parliament - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

NGOs Appeal to the Parliament

18 May, 2012

To the Chairman of the Parliament of Georgia Mr. Davit Bakradze,

Members of the Parliament of Georgia

We, the representatives of non-governmental and media organizations and citizens, which make up the members of the “This Affects You” campaign, support the legislative proposals introduced in the Parliament of Georgia on May 7, 2011, which are designed to improve the electoral environment. We believe that these proposals will:

  • Promote the creation of an equal environment for media access;
  • Define guarantees and obligations for ensuring the availability of comprehensive information for voters;
  • Clearly ban the use of administrative resources for campaign purposes;
  • Reduce the risk of manipulation of results during the vote tabulation process; 
  • Make electoral administrations and administrative bodies more transparent;

We believe that these legislative proposals will significantly contribute to the establishment of a just and equitable legal framework for holding elections, and we call upon the Parliament to ensure that these proposals are enacted expeditiously.

NGOs Appeal to the Parliament_May 17.pdf