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Send the Georgian government your suggestions

02 March, 2012

If you wanted to provide a suggestion to your government, or express a concern, do you think they would listen? Would you even know where to send your feedback? For people around the world, the answer to both of these questions is often “No.” The Ope

“Philanthropic” National Movement

01 March, 2012

“United National Movement - free soup-kitchen for the financially disadvantaged”. This sign was hanging on the soup kitchen’s door in Ozurgeti up until 15:10p.m on 17th of February, 2012. A similar signboard was found in Zugdidi and Dusheti at the en

Mining Auction Fails to Attract Major Investors

01 March, 2012

Only one bidder - LLC Mining Investments (company id: 404415824) - participated in an auction of a 27-year extraction license for gold, copper and other precious minerals in the Shida Kartli region held on February 29 by the Agency of Natural Re

Political Presents

29 February, 2012

A number of significant supplements and amendments have been entered into the Georgian election legislation late last year, including an intriguing issue regarding the handing on of gifts for political purposes. Prior to the amendments, the ban on si

Attend the largest mining auction in Georgian history!

28 February, 2012

The probably largest auction of mining rights in recent Georgian history will take place on Wednesday, February 29, at 12:00 at the Agency of Natural Resources of the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (Gulua St. #6; Tel: (832) 727248). We enc

Pulling Backwards on Budgetary Planning

27 February, 2012

The Government of Georgia (GoG) switched to programme budgeting as from January 1 2012, which means Georgian state budget needs to be rearranged thematically. The Ministry of Defence appropriation as well as other defence-related expenses, for instan

Sidestepping the law on social advertising

22 February, 2012

The Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB) and several private TV channels have been airing advertising videos, showing and highlighting achievements and future plans of the Government of Georgia and specific government organizations in recent weeks. Thes

Once More About Mushtaidi

15 February, 2012

As we wrote on our blog last October, TI Georgia tried to obtain a copy of a contract between the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office and the Geo Gold company concerning the management of Mushtaidi Park. However, the Tbilisi Mayor’s Office Property Management Age