Misuse of administrative resources during electoral processes 2016 - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Misuse of administrative resources during electoral processes 2016

30 September, 2016

The monitoring conducted by TI Georgia for the period between 8 June and 25 September 2016 revealed that misuse of administrative resources for parliamentary elections has not reached the scale to have a significant impact on overall election environment.

Misuse of enforcement administrative resources for election purposes

  • The election process has been adversely affected by personal video and audio recordings of various opposition political party leaders disseminated via Internet. It is noteworthy that the law enforcement authorities could not succeed in investigating any of these facts and the authors and distributors of these tapes still remain unknown;

  • Another fact of possible misuse of enforcement administrative resources was observed in the selection process of PEC members;

  • Dismissal of employees in some kindergartens in suspicious circumstances deserves attention as well;

  • In pre-election period some political parties made frequent allegations about the pressure being exerted on their candidates and supporters by the law enforcement agencies, including the State Security Service. However, it turned out rather difficult to verify/confirm most of the reported cases. According to law enforcement authorities, none of these cases have been proved plausible.

 Misuse of legislative administrative resources for election purposes

  • There were cases when decisions made by some administrative bodies were unfair or illegal. In this regard, the new rule adopted by the Parliament on distribution of free advertising time and two decrees of the CEC are worth mentioning.

Misuse of institutional administrative resources for election purposes

  • In all regions of Georgia, large scale mobilization of employees of the budgetary organizations has been observed for campaign meetings of the ruling party “Georgian Dream”.

  • There were certain cases of illegal campaigning, including through the social network.

  • Advertising by the state agencies through video ads, SMSs and other communication channels has become rather frequent during last weeks.  

Misuse of financial administrative resources for election purposes

  • In the reporting period, none of the amendments made to the state or local budgets clearly violated the electoral legislation;

  • As for the electorally motivated public spending, two initiatives of the Government of Georgia are worth mentioning: a) increase of the retirement pension from July and b) benefits introduced in mountainous settlements on September 1.