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Investor or Ecologically Clean Environment

30 March, 2012

A new set legal ammendments exempts investors from any legal responsibiilty for negative impacts on the environment, such as pollution and contamination, that their project has caused. On 20 March 2012 the Parliament of Georgia adopted amendments to

“Pre-election” Student Employment

28 March, 2012

The amount of large-scale, one-time budgetary programs implemented by the government usually increases with the forthcoming of elections. Most recently such kind of a novelty appeared in a form of so called “Summer Job”, a new student summer employme

Political Parties’ Millions of Uncertain Origin

14 March, 2012

The origins are unknown for the 38% (2 278 442 GEL) of the United National Movement’s total income and for the 6% (53 289 GEL) of the Christian-Democratic Movement’s income. Such kind of conclusion stems from analysis of the financial declarations su

Send the Georgian government your suggestions

02 March, 2012

If you wanted to provide a suggestion to your government, or express a concern, do you think they would listen? Would you even know where to send your feedback? For people around the world, the answer to both of these questions is often “No.” The Ope