LIVE BLOG: Local self-government elections 2014 - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

LIVE BLOG: Local self-government elections 2014

15 June, 2014

Through this live blog, Transparency International Georgia will cover all things relevant around the 2014 local self-government elections. You can also follow us on twitter (@TIGeorgiaEng#GVote. We have 450 volunteer observers in the field across the country.   

22:40 - Our observers keep reporting violations after polling stations close: At Gldani PEC #14, vote count is being carried out in violation: PEC members are not announcing results, sorting ballots incorrectly. In Samtredia, our monitor was dismissed from the polling station #41 after the observer asked a member of the PEC to present thier badge.

19:58 - In Kutaisi and in a number of districts, TI Georgia observers note that candidates have arranged mini buses and other forms of mobilising voters. 

17:52 - In Chughureti #11, the Polling Station's Election protocol was already signed in advance.

16:00 - Local self-government elections 2014: TI Georgia’s statement regarding electoral processes (12:00-16:00pm): TI Georgia has observed approximately 20 serious and 15 less serious violations of electoral procedural throughout the country. Our observers have filed a total of 11 complaints. The number of violations is still relatively high in Martvili district. TI Georgia considers the election administration to be better prepared when compared to the 2013 presidential elections. Yet, members of the precinct electoral commissions (PECs) could be more qualified. In this regard, the electoral environment in rural areas is still a matter of concern. Furthermore - just as it happened at previous elections - party activists are still widely campaigning outside polling stations and informally recording which voters came to cast a ballot. 

Photo: TI Georgia's Executive Director held a press conference at the NGO Media Center at 4pm.

15:42 - At  Darcheli polling station #42 (Zugdidi district) - ballots have been found in one of the rooms. There was no acceptance paper in the polling station to show the number of received ballots. Consequently, there is no information about how many ballots were received.

15:40 - At Kharagauli, polling station #8  a village govenor is conducting his own election campaign. He is also warning voters that they will lose their social benefits if they do not vote for the ruling coalition “Georgian Dream”. The govenor and his activists asked constituents who they had voted for and they were aggressive towards election observors. 

14.30 - Gardabani #25, commission members having lunch in a separate room of the station, only two members of the commission present at the polling station and unauthorized persons allowed to enter the station with their markings left unchecked.

12:10 - At Samgori dirtrict polling station #72 two identical events occured where a voter received a voter's card but wasn't found on the voters' list.

12:00 - Local self-government elections 2014: TI Georgia’s statement regarding electoral processes (7:00am-12:00pm): At this point, the 2014 local self-government elections are taking place in a safe environment. The polling stations that we are monitoring opened on time, around 8:00am. Transparency International (TI) Georgia’s observers have reported 6 minor and 11 relatively significant procedural violations. At this point, our monitors have submitted 5 complaints in total. Most violations were observed in Zugdidi and Martvili districts.

11:57 - At Didube polling station 13, one voter received three ballots in order to vote, the envelope was already in the ballot box when the voter reported the mistake, explanatory note has not been written. 

11:35 - Some voters in Martvili district polling station #14 were allowed in the polling station without being checked for markings.

11:28 - The same voter who was found in the voters' list in Vake district polling station #57 was also found in the mobile voting list. 

11:15 - In Vake district polling station #69 voting booths are equipped for persons with disabilities but the staircase leading to the precinct is not adapted for wheelchairs. 

Photo: Giorgi Arobelidze, our observer.

11:00 - Our Executive Director, Eka Gigauri, will hold media briefings at the NGO Media Center to share interim results at (12:00, 16:00 and 20:00).

10:30 - Despite the fact that the marking identifier did not work in Tamakoni 20th precinct ( Martvili district) the voting process will still continue. After our observer's interference the process temporarily stopped but then continued again. We filed the complaint. 

08:45 - Two representatives from Non-Parliamentary Opposition were present in Zugdidi polling station #26 without badges. They didn't leave the station despite a verbal order. Also, two representatives of UNM were present in Martvili/37 polling station without badges. They also didn't leave the station despite a verbal order.  

08:27 - At polling station # 31 of Chughureti a voter is included in the voters' list, however he/she is excluded from a voters' list in registration. The voter remains unable to vote.

08:15 - Polling station #31 of Didube district opened before 7 a.m. Procedures that had to be carried out from 7 am to 8 am were carried out before 7 am therefore observers were unable to monitor these procedures. Complaint concerning this fact was filed at DEC. A similar violation was reported at polling station #6 of Isani. As a result of our monitor’s request the procedures were repeated.

08:10 - Voting started on time - at 8 a.m. at the polling stations that are observed by Transparency International Georgia.


Photo: Observer at Samgori district polling-station #48.

08:00 - Transparency International Georgia is monitoring elections in Tbilisi and in 5 regions. Up to 450 observers and employees are involved in our monitoring, follow us on Twitter. #GVote

Photo: TI Georgia observer's badge.


Author: Transparency International Georgia