Live Blog: 2018 Presidential Elections Runoff

28 November, 2018


Through this live blog, Transparency International Georgia will cover all things relevant around the 2018 presidential elections runoff. You can also follow us on Facebook and Twitter


19:15 - In the #20 precinct of the Zugdidi district, the registrator lost one paper of the log-book. The voting procedure has been halted at the precinct.

17:59 - In the #12 precinct of the Sachkhere district, one of the voters, after having casted a vote, handed money to the ballot box supervisor. Afterwards, the ballot box supervisor handed the money to an observer and an hour later, part of the money was handed to a voter that entered the precinct.

16:50 - In the #69 precinct of the Akhalkalaki #40 district, a commission member entered a voting booth and found an already filled-in ballot paper there. The commission member took the paper and handed it to our observer, who tried to take a picture, however the chairperson of the commission intervened, took the ballot paper and hid it. A complaint has been filed from another observation mission.

16:33 - In the #52 precinct of the Marneuli #22 district, someone was trying to put several ballot papers into the ballot box. However, this person left the precinct and wasn’t able to drop the papers following the intervention of our observer.

15:58 - In the #19 precinct of the Zugdidi #67 district, a person who had signs of inking was allowed to cast a vote. The chairperson of the commission was against the decision, but the precinct commission unanimously approved the vote to proceed.

15:22 - In the #66 precinct of Akhalkalaki district and in the #8 precinct of the Didube district, our observers have witnessed an instance of a voter taking a picture of the ballot and publishing the picture online.

13:00 - In the #51 precinct of Batumi district, the queue moderator is telling the UNM representative the first names and surnames of voters.

11:22 - In the #1 precinct of Kareli district, #23 precinct of Abasha district and #90 and #11 precincts of Batumi district, our observers have witnessed alleged handing out of money to voters outside of the precinct.

10:57 - In the #29 precinct of Marneuli district, one of the commission members mentioned Salome Zurabishvili while talking in Azeri to a voter. Our observer filed a complaint for campaigning in the precinct.

09:42 - In the #20 precinct of Bolnisi #23 district, the verification of the inking of voters wasn’t held appropriately; there were instances when people entered the precinct without the verification of the inking (accompanying another voter). We have filed a complaint.

09:41 - In the #45 precinct of Gurjaani #12 district, a commission member from the UNM was dismissed from the precinct. The reason for this was that the commission member was conducting photo-video recording in the precinct, however according to our observer, no rules were broken. We have filed a complaint.

08:44 - In the #11 precinct of Marneuli #22 district, the commission secretary did not show up at the precinct on time. Because of this, the chairperson did not open the precinct until 8:30. The chairperson did not take appropriate measures required so we have filed a complaint.

08:40 - In the #24 precinct of Didube #8 district, the queue moderator allowed an observer from the “Unity for Public Rights” to look into the IDs of voters and periodically dictated first names and surnames to him. We have filed a complaint.

08:25 - In the #4 precinct of Kvareli #16 district, with the consent of the chairperson the commission members changed the functions allocated to them through the casting of lots. We have filed a complaint.

08:23 - In the #22 precinct of Marneuli #49 district, the chairperson didn’t allow two commission members to take part in the casting of lots because they were women and wouldn’t be able to accompany the mobile ballot box. We have filed a complaint.

08:00 – Polling stations across the country are now open. 

07:15 - Some of our observers are not admitted to the precinct due to expired badges.

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