Live blog: 2016 parliamentary runoff elections - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Live blog: 2016 parliamentary runoff elections

30 October, 2016

Transparency International Georgia (TI Georgia) has deployed 250 observers to monitor October 30 Parliamentary runoff elections. Our static observers will cover 197 precincts throughout the country. In addition, 28 mobile groups are mobilized to observe the elections.
On election day TI Georgia will hold two press conferences at 12:30 and 19:30 in order to present preliminary assessments of election day developments. Final assessments will be provided on October 31 at 11:30. Additional statements will be made upon necessity.

Through this live blog, Transparency International Georgia will update you on 2016 parliamentary elections. You can also follow us on twitter (@TIGeorgiaGeo, @TIGeorgiaEng) #GVote, #GVote2016


At this stage the elections are being held in a calm environment. We have not yet observed any significant violations.



17:15In Zugdidi, district - 31, precinct - 65.67, an independent member of PEC is at the polling station in a state of alcoholic intoxication. We have filed a complaint. In spite of our indication, the chairperson of the commission did not dismiss the intoxicated member from the polling station.


16:04In Kutaisi, district - 59, precinct - 38.5, a representative from Georgian Dream was conducting political agitation.


Mtatsminda, Orkokana, district-32, precinct-1


14:16 - In Marneuli, district -50, precinct-36.22 people are gathered near the polling station.

14:00In Samgori, district - 71, precinct - 13.06, an internally displaced person was given the right to cast a vote without a refugee ID.


12:58 - In Mtskheta, district - 24, precinct - 27.17, the ballots taken along with the mobile ballot box returned with one less ballot to the polling station. The reason is currently unknown


12:30 - In Khelvachauri, district - 45 and 20, precinct - 72.83, there was a verbal confrontation between the commission members, representatives and voters. At this point the situation is calm.


In Batumi, District - 10, precinct - 69.79 and Gori (Tortiza) District - 35, precinct -41.32 the members of the United National Movement refused to participate in the drawing for the mobile ballot box.


At one of the districts' in Gldani :)

09:34 -  In Sagarejo, district - 38, precinct - 23.11, the mobile ballot box was brought to a residence but the citizen was not allowed to cast a vote, since he was on his feet, could walk and looked healthy. The mobile ballot box was brought back to the polling station, but after our indication was once again taken out.


09:08 - In Mskheta, district - 44, precinct - 37.27, the observer from Monitoring Centre - Mediatori was asking the name, surname, ID number and birthday from a citizen. After our observer notified the chairperson of the commission, a call was made to the electoral commission which determined that there was no violation if the citizen was voluntarily providing this information. We think that this was a violation. At the end, the electoral commission dismissed the observer from the polling station.


09:05 - In Marneuli, district - 27, precinct - 36.22 a citizen with an expired ID was allowed to cast a vote. Our observer has filed a complaint.


09:00 - In Tbilisi, District - 8, precinct - 1.01, as well as in District - 71, the member of the United National Movement refused to participate in the drawing for the mobile ballot box.


08:55 - In Batumi, district - 65, precinct - 69.79 the overseer of the ballot box was agitating for a political party. Our observer has expressed concern in this regard and the chairperson of the commission temporarily changed the commission member.


07:18 - In Baghdadi, district - 13, precinct - 51.52, as well as in Rustavi, district - 24, precinct - 30.20, our observers were not allowed into the polling station until the election commission was contacted.




Monitoring of 2016 runoff parliamentary elections is possible thourgh the financial support of the following organizationsPolish Aid, SolidarityFund PL, Open Society Georgian Foundation.


Author: Transparency International Georgia