Khoni Municipality Does Not Provide Public Information Proactively

07 March, 2018

Transparency International Georgia continues its research[tc1]  on proactive provision of public information by municipalities. This paper assesses how Khoni Municipality fulfills its commitments in this regard.

Our research revealed the following findings:

·   On September 15, 2014, Khoni Municipality adopted the Resolution #40 that determined the rule how to provide public information proactively;

·    Information published on the web page ( of Mayor’s Office and City Council does not meet the resolution requirements given in the list of public information that should be provided proactively;  

·   The Resolution adopted by Khoni Municipality is not pursuant to the Government Resolution #219 that sets higher standards for proactive provision of public information;

·   The Resolution #40 does not oblige public institutions of Khoni Municipality to provide such important and useful information for public as: annual progress reports on the work of administrative bodies, forms/templates and rules and procedures of administrative complaints; normative acts regulating rules for contests and their results that are announced by administrative bodies; information on funding and expenditure of administrative bodies, as well as, information on privatization of state property; protocols of City Council sittings, petitions, etc.


More specific information published on the web page of  Khoni Municipality Mayor’s Office and City Council can been seen in infographics


Transparency International Georgia calls on Khoni Municipality Mayor’s Office and City Council to promptly fulfill its commitments prescribed by resolution #40 (adopted on September 15, 2015) and upload comprehensive information on their web page. Moreover, it is advisable to amend the resolution #40 and, similar to the Government Resolution #219, broaden the scope of information that should be publicized. In addition, we call on Khoni Municipality Mayor’s Office and City Council to have two separate web pages and not the joint one.



The publication was prepared with the financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs