How transparent and comprehensive is the website of the Shuakhevi Municipality

21 February, 2018

The Shuakhevi Municipality fails to publish full information on its website. Public institutions were obliged to adopt/issue normative acts regulating proactive publication of public information until September 1, 2013. We have already studied the websites of several self-governing units. This time we present the results of the Shuakhevi Municipality:

  • The Town Council (Sakrebulo) of Shuakhevi adopted an ordinance on the procedure of proactive publication of public information on January 29, 2016;
  • The ordinance is in line with the requirements of Ordinance No. 219 of the Government of Georgia, which establishes a high standard of proactive publication of public information;
  • However, the information defined by the ordinance is not published fully on the website of the Shuakhevi Municipality (;
  • The website does not contain information about the structure and functions of the Town Hall and the Town Council, the statutes of individual municipal services, recruitment of the staff, procurements made by the municipality, etc.  


See detailed information in the tables below

TI Georgia calls upon the Town Hall and Town Council of Shuakhevi to eliminate the said problem in a timely manner, to fulfill the obligation undertaken by the ordinance that was adopted on January 29, 2016, and to ensure that the information is uploaded fully to the official website.