How transparent and comprehensive are the websites of the Poti Municipality

06 February, 2018

As part of the monitoring of proactive publication of public information by municipalities, this time TI Georgia presents the results of the Poti Municipality, according to which the websites do not contain full information. In particular, the City Hall fails to publish 70% of the information required by law, and the City Council (Sakrebulo) fails to publish 57.5% of the said information.

  •  The City Council of Poti established the procedure of proactive publication of public information by an ordinance adopted on February 26, 2016;
  •  The ordinance is in line with the requirements of Ordinance No. 219 of the Government of Georgia, which establishes a high standard of proactive publication of public information;  
  • However, the information posted on the websites of the City Hall and the City Council ( and does not correspond with the list of information to be published proactively as defined by the ordinance;
  • The information about the financing and accounting of public institutions of the municipality is not published in full; the information about planned procurements and privatization of property is not available;
  • The information about the planned sessions and agendas of the City Council is not published; the minutes of sessions of the Council of Civil Advisors and those of the general assembly of the settlement, as well as other information, are not available.  


See detailed information in the tables below

TI Georgia calls upon the City Hall and City Council of Poti to eliminate the said problem in a timely manner, to fulfill the obligations undertaken by the ordinance that was adopted on February 26, 2016, and to ensure that the information is uploaded fully to the official websites.



The publication was prepared with the financial support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foriegn Affairs