Guria Municipalities Expenses in 2016 - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Guria Municipalities Expenses in 2016

02 March, 2017


Transparency International Georgia periodically publishes information about bonuses, salary supplements and other expenses of various public institutions. This report contains information about salaries, bonuses and salary supplements paid by four municipalities (Ozurgeti Town, Ozurgeti Settlement, Lanchkhuti, and Chokhatauri) of the Guria Region in 2016 as well as information about the municipalities’ telephone communication, business trip, and fuel expenses.


  • In 2016, the four municipalities in Guria paid the total of GEL 6,775,832 in remuneration, including GEL 5,047,126 paid by local administrations and city halls and GEL 1,728,832 paid by local councils;
  • As for bonuses and salary supplements, the total of GEL 507,675 was paid in 2016, including GEL 368,780 by local administrations and city halls and GEL 138,895 by local councils;
  • It is noteworthy that bonuses and salary supplements were not paid by the Chokhatauri Local Administration and Council;
  • The municipalities did not provide us with information about the concrete achievements for which the public officials received those bonuses and salary supplements; according to the information we received, bonuses are mostly paid on various holidays;
  • In 2016, the largest amount in bonuses was paid by the Ozurgeti Settlement Municipality – the total of GEL 284,965.





  • The Chokhatauri Municipality Administration did not provide us with information about the amount of fuel (petrol/diesel) consumed in 2016 and its total value; the Lanchkhuti Municipality Council did not provide us with information about fuel purchased in 2016 either, so the corresponding data presented in the research are incomplete;
  • In 2016, municipalities throughout the region consumed 247,530 litres (247.53 tons) of fuel which cost GEL 301,968;
  • It is noteworthy that the limit of fuel consumption established for heads of municipality administrations and city halls as well as council chairpersons is set at the average of 500-700 litres per month;
  • The head of Ozurgeti Administration used 7,396 litres of petrol in 2016 which cost GEL 8,278.14; Davit Darchia, head of the Ozurgeti Settlement Council, used 6,311.18 litres of petrol worth GEL 8,865.95;
  • Ozurgeti Mayor Beglar Sioridze used the total of 7,919.26 litres of petrol worth GEL 11,086.96; Ozurgeti City Council Chairman Gela Kobaladze used 4,400.11 litres of fuel which cost GEL 6,160.15;
  • Chokhatauri Municipality Council Chairman Zaal Mamaladze used 6,100 litres of petrol worth GEL 10,079.




Telecommunication expenses:

  • The Guria municipalities spent GEL 96,424.55 on telecommunication, including GEL 65,999.25 spent by local administrations and city halls and GEL 30,425 spent by local councils.




Business trip expenses:

  • The total of GEL 29,605.28 was spent on domestic and international business travel undertaken by the staff, including GEL 22,720.26 spent by local administrations and city halls and GEL 6,885.02 spent by local councils



It is the position of Transparency International Georgia that:

  • It is inadmissible to issue bonuses on account of holidays established by the Labour Code of Georgia. Bonuses should be paid only in the event of public officials performing their duties in an exemplary manner;
  • It is important that the majority of municipalities have passed resolutions on the procedure of issuing bonuses although we have noted many times that these resolutions contain significant flaws and allow for paying bonuses without any grounds.