Performance of MPs representing the areas of sports and arts in the Parliament of Georgia of the 8th convocation

08 February, 2016


As the parliamentary elections draw nearer, compilation of party lists becomes a relevant issue. Discussions on the professions and qualifications of MPs have recently become particularly intensive, which was preceded by a statement of the Executive Secretary of the Georgian Dream – Democratic Georgia party that there would no longer be so many actors and sportsmen in the next parliament. 

TI Georgia conducts monitoring on the activity of the Parliament. As part of the monitoring, we observe the performance of MPs and its results. It should be noted that performance does not in itself imply positive results, although it greatly determines how responsibly an MP treats his work. 

Based on our research, we can say that profession is not the main problem for the MPs of the legislature of the 8th convocation. Specifically, profession does not have a significant impact on the assessment of the responsibility, competence, and, especially, performance of the MPs. 

There are dozens of MPs in the Parliament who have never initiated a draft law or given a speech in the Parliament (see detailed information in the annual assessment of the Parliament’s performance). Such members of the Parliament include many lawyers, economists, and representatives of other professions.

Performance of MPs Representing the Areas of Sports and Arts in the Parliament of Georgia of the 8th Convoc...

Author: TI Georgia