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New developments around Anaklia Port

19 June, 2019

 Transparency International Georgia continues to highlight events unfolding around Anaklia Port as the construction of this port is important for Georgia’s national interests. We published the first article concerning this issue on 15 Febr

Promised and delayed projects in Kutaisi

07 June, 2019

 Statements made in 2016 about the construction of the Technological University of Kutaisi and a large infrastructure project, the Dream Town, were followed by a positive response of the public. The authorities assessed both projects as very imp

Why Freedom of Expression Must Not Be Restricted

06 June, 2019

 Recent statements by government representatives about the necessity to initiate legislative amendments to combat fake news and hate speech may lead to restriction of critical opinion and overall high standard of freedom of expression.The follow

Promised and delayed projects in Zugdidi and Senaki

05 June, 2019

 On the basis of open sources and by requesting public information in the Samegrelo-Zemo Svaneti Region, TI Georgia has conducted monitoring of the implementation of large infrastructure projects which were planned in the past five years.