Transparency International Georgia’s Statement on Current Electoral Processes (12:00-17:00) - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Transparency International Georgia’s Statement on Current Electoral Processes (12:00-17:00)

31 October, 2020


According to Transparency International Georgia’s monitoring of the 2020 parliamentary elections, the process is taking place against the backdrop of certain confrontations in the second half of the day, although the situation remains calms in a majority of precincts. More violations have been observed compared with the 2018 presidential and the 2016 parliamentary elections.

We have identified some 130 minor and relatively more serious violations. Our observers have filed 31 complaints. Of the significant violations, the following merit mentioning:

Physical confrontation and obstruction of journalists’ work and assault on journalists             

TV Pirveli journalist Ana Akhalaia was injured during the physical confrontation between the activists of different parties outside the building of School #39 in Gldani. Also, a representative of online media outlet Publika had a phone broken. It should be noted that several episodes of physical confrontation occurred outside the school throughout the day and the police detained several individuals.

Expulsion of observers

Our mobile observer was not allowed to enter Precinct #30.83.13 in Khelvachauri because the observer had taken photos outside the polling station, angering the commission’s members.

An observer was wrongly expelled from Precinct #13.23.13 in Marneuli. The observer was taking a photo of a booth from outside because three voters had entered in simultaneously.

Violation of vote secrecy

In Precinct #15.32.67 in Gori, stationary video cameras were installed too close to the voting booths, creating the danger of control over the voters’ expression of their will.

In Precinct #14.24.19 in Dmanisi, a voter showed a marked ballot paper to a person standing nearby upon exiting the booth.   

In Precinct #10.17.39 in Telavi, several people followed a voter into the booth and the chairperson did not react to this.

In Precinct #13.21.58 in Gardabani, an observer followed a voter into the booth and aided the voter in voting.

In Precinct 18.40.35 in Akhalkalaki, two commission members took photos of their ballot papers after voting and before placing them in envelopes.

In Precinct #17.38.12 in Adigeni, there were several instances of voters moving to each other’s booths and showing their marked ballots to others.

In Precinct #08.10.108 in Gldani, a voter registered in the special list who only had the right to vote in the proportional election was allowed to vote in the majoritarian election as well.

Recording of voters inside polling stations

In Precinct #09.12.02 in Gurjaani, a registrator continuously dictated to an observer the names, last names, and personal numbers of the arriving voters.

Presence of unauthorized individuals inside polling stations

In Precinct #17.37.29 in Akhaltsikhe, Akhaltsikhe Municipal Council member Ambartsum Baboyan was present as an observer from the Green Earth organization, although council membership is incompatible with an observer’s status.

Violation of Covid-19-related safety rules

Throughout the country, the rules designed to prevent the spread of the covid-19 infection continue to be violated in multiple precincts. Also, in Precinct #12.20.08 in Rustavi, the commission member responsible for managing the flow of voters has been unable to control the waiting line, while citizens have been unable to observe distancing in the polling station.

Violation of inking rules

In Precinct #12.20.66 in Rustavi, a voter who had already been inked was allowed to vote.

In Precinct #08.10.30 in Gldani, a commission member responsible for managing the flow of voters did not check the IDs and the inking of the voters whom the commission member knew personally.

Voting without IDs

In Precinct #25.68.11 in Tsalenjikha, a voter was allowed to vote without an ID.

Problems concerning mobile ballot box

In Precinct #22.58.29 in Tsqaltubo, the mobile ballot box list did not contain personal numbers of the voters. In several cases, personal numbers were added by the commission members after the mobile ballot box was brought back to the polling station.

In Precinct #13.21.21 in Gardabani, a person who had been registered in the mobile ballot box list voted both in the polling station and through the mobile ballot box.

In Precinct #23.59.55 in Kutaisi, the mobile ballot box seal was damaged.

About the electoral mission

Transparency International Georgia is monitoring the 31 October 2020 parliamentary elections through 600 local observers. The organization’s stationary observers will be deployed to 400 electoral precincts across the country, while some 100 mobile groups will also monitor the electoral processes.

Transparency International Georgia will hold three press conferences at the Media Center at 12:30, 17:00, and 20:00, presenting the provisional findings of election-day monitoring. The final assessment will be presented at 10:30 on 1 November. Additional statements could be made if necessary.

Additionally, on the election day, our website will carry a live blog in Georgian and English. All materials will also be posted to the organization’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

Election-day violations can be reported via our hotline number: 2 92 14 03.