TI Georgia, with national NGO support, calls on MRA to re-open door to Steering Committee on IDP Issues

24 August, 2010

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - On behalf of seven of the most active national NGOs working on IDP issues based in Tbilisi, the MRA is kindly requested to allow TI Georgia to attend any future meetings of the Steering Committee on IDP Issues that take place before October 1, 2010.

The Ministry of Refugees and Accommodation (MRA) has requested that the local and international NGOs working on IDP issues each select one representative to participate in the Steering Committee (SC) on IDP Issues. Accordingly, TI Georgia elaborated a concept note that seeks a nomination to be reinstated as the local NGO representative to the SC, and lays out the role envisioned for TI Georgia in this capacity.

TI Georgia contacted the senior representatives of the eight most active national NGOs working on IDP issues in Tbilisi to discuss the issue: 

  1. IDP Women's Association Consent
  2. Assist Yourself
  3. Social Programmes Fund
  4. Article 42 of the Constitution
  5. IDP Rights Coalition
  6. Georgian Young Lawyers’ Association (GYLA)
  7. Civil Development Agency (CIDA)
  8. Charity Humanitarian Centre Abkhazeti

On August 16 2010, TI Georgia invited those listed above to a meeting to discuss the concept and to answer questions. Only two were able to attend because of the summer holiday season (IDP Women's Association Consent and Assist Yourself), but through follow-up phone calls and emails five other organizations have also agreed to support TI Georgia’s temporary nomination as the national NGO representative to the SC. One NGO (Article 42) could not be reached at this time.

The nomination is temporary and valid through the end of September. In September, TI Georgia will continue to discuss this issue with a wider group of national NGOs, including at a planned meeting of an IDP NGO network on September 10. By the end of the month, we expect the national NGO community working on IDP issues to make a final decision about the local NGO representative to the SC. This may be TI Georgia or it may be another organization.

Note: This project - Making Aid Work for Georgia, Phase II, is funded by Open Society Georgia Foundation.

Contact: Lasha Gogidze, TI Georgia,,
(995) 99 795 987