Persecution and Harassment of Critical Journalists at Adjara TV - საერთაშორისო გამჭვირვალობა - საქართველო

Persecution and Harassment of Critical Journalists at Adjara TV

01 September, 2021


Recent developments taking place within Adjara Public Broadcaster TV and Radio (Adjara TV), including discriminatory and controversial staff changes by the management, caught public attention. The report mainly covers the events that took place in the broadcaster since April 2019, after the impeachment of the director, Natia Kapanadze. The report overviews the beginning and the development of the crisis in the broadcaster. In particular, it addresses the case of dozens of employees, who were illegally dismissed or harassed, because of their critical tone by the leadership affiliated with the ruling party.

The study relies on the information prevalent in media, advisory board meetings, the broadcaster’s quarterly reports, information requested from the broadcaster, and other public sources.

Key Findings

  • Following the appointment of Giorgi Kokhreidze as a director, his decisions were aimed at dismissing and harassing journalists for their critical tone. Among them are the members of the trade union and its chairman;
  • Local and international organizations critically assessed the developments at Adjara TV; Public Defender established discrimination and violation of the rights of several current and former employees.
  • The majority of the Advisory Board members does not respond properly to the negative processes taking place in the broadcaster, thus failing to ensure effective management control.