NGOs' opinions about amendments to the Organic Law of Georgia "Election Code of Georgia"

21 July, 2017

On June 5, the Parliament of Georgia registered the draft law which envisages the amendment to the Organic Law of Georgia "Election Code of Georgia".

The positive evaluation among the amendments has earned the regulations that simplify the registration of electoral subjects, observers and media organizations in electoral administrations (the voluntary electronic registration has been introduced). Moreover, the regulations that serve to improve the registration process of electoral subjects (including the coordination among state agencies, submission of updated information by electoral subjects etc.) have been highly appreciated. However, alongside with the abovementioned changes, the new rule for the composition of election commissions, as well as regulation which imposes certain limitations on the transparency and accountability of the Electoral Administration (the change regarding the media coverage of sessions of election commissions as well as release of public information) have been assessed negatively.

NGOs' Opinions About Amendments to the Organic Law of Georgia Election Code of Georgia 

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