Transparency International Releases Results of 2005 Global Corruption Barometer

19 July, 2010
9 December 2005, Tbilisi – Today, Transparency International Georgia unveiled the results of the 2005 Global Corruption Barometer (GCB) to mark International Anti-Corruption Day. According to the survey, progress has been made in those sectors that were targeted for reform, however, the overall rate of optimism regarding Georgia’s future levels of corruption has dropped. 2005 BAROMETER IN GEORGIA According to the Barometer, Georgians rated the following institutions as corrupt, in order of most to least corrupt: 1) Judiciary, 2) Customs, 3) Political Parties, 4) Tax Administration, 5) Medical Services, 6) Parliament,7) Private Sector, 8) Registry and Permit Services, 9) Police, 10) Media, 11) Education, 12) Utilities, 13) NGOs,14) Military, and 15) Religious Bodies. In comparison with the results from last year's GCB survey, significant improvement was seen in perceptions of Police, which had previously been identified as the most corrupt institution. Improvements were sited in licensing and education sectors as well.